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Cesaria Evora - Mãe Carinhosa
Cesaria Evora – Mãe Carinhosa
Cesaria Evora

Mãe Carinhosa (Lusafrica, 2013)

The great Cesaria Evora had success late in her career. That means that she didn’t record too many albums throughout the years. Mãe Carinhosa (Mother Affection) is the latest album available and it’s a collection of unreleased songs that were recorded in recent years and never made it to her albums.

The collection of Cape Verdean mornas and coladeras flows well and has cohesion, showcasing Cesaria’s unmistakable velvety voice. Mãe Carinhosa features guest appearances by well-known musicians, such as Cameroon’s Manu Dibango, who plays marimba on “Esperança.”

“I was flooded with ideas and projects after Cesaria died,” says producer Jose da Silva. “People suggested we do cover albums, fancy tributes, that kind of thing. I decided we should keep it simple, and give the world a new album of songs that, for various reasons, had never made it onto an album before.”

Mãe Carinhosa will please Cesaria Evora’s numerous fans with its mix of passionate and tender melancholic songs that capture the essence of Cape Verdean music.

Buy the CD or MP3s: Mãe Carinhosa


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