Exciting Celtic Debut by The Willis Clan

The Willis Clan - Chapter One – Roots
The Willis Clan – Chapter One – Roots
The Willis Clan

Chapter One – Roots (2012)

Roots is an engaging Irish music album by The Willis Clan, a family of young talented musicians, dancers, and writers from middle Tennessee, near Nashville. Roots is the group’s first recording of original contemporary folk sounds rooted in Irish music.

The members of The Willis Clan demonstrate admirable instrumental skill and the vocals are exquisite, in a line similar to the great modern Irish vocalists. In addition to Irish music, The Willis Clan also shows a modern bluegrass influence.

Band members include Jessica on lead vocals, fiddle and piano; Jeremiah on guitar, banjo, pipes, flute and whistle; Jennifer on accordion; Jeanette on whistle; Jackson on bodhran; and Jedi on bass. The album also features Toby, the father of the six musicians, on keyboards; their cousin Chris Wright, who played percussion; as well as Eamon Murray, Trevor Hutchinson, Frances Cunningham, and Jeff Cox.

Chapter One – Roots is a splendid album of contemporary Celtic music by The Willis Clan, a group of gifted young musicians and songwriters with a bright future. A great album to celebrate St. Patrick’s.

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