Bomba Estéreo Having a Good Time

Bomba Estéreo - Elegancia Tropical
Bomba Estéreo – Elegancia Tropical
Bomba Estéreo

Elegancia Tropical (Polen Records, 2012)

The new album by popular Colombian band Bomba Estéreo brings more of their well-established formula that blends cumbia roots with pop, champeta, dancehall and electronics. Although there are much more interesting acts in Colombia, Bomba Estéreo is one of Colombia’s most significant pop acts and has found success in North America and other territories performing for Latin, pop, rock and world music audiences.

It’s all about the happiness,” says Liliana Saumet, Bomba Estéreo’s charismatic vocalist about the band’s dance friendly sound.

The band recorded Elegancia Tropical by the beach. “We were just hanging on the beach,” recollects Simón Mejía, Bomba’s bassist and main composer. “We weren’t really thinking about anything. Just making nice music. A couple of songs came through that process of being very relaxed, ‘El Alma y El Cuerpo’ and ‘Pure Love.’ We didn’t think or care too much about making some big hit like ‘Fuego,’ just about having a good time.”

Elegancia Tropical combines danceable cumbia electropop with laidback songs.

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