Ceumar – Sons Do Brasil – Dindinha

Sons Do Brasil – Dindinha (Arc Music EUCD 2408, 2005)

Ceumar is a sort of Brazilian Joni Mitchell, pleasing to folk, jazz and pop listeners. A singer of songs about experiences with which we can all identify, she has a good match of vocal and guitar tone that drives her recordings. English-speaking listeners may well catch themselves starting to sing along and then realizing that her Portuguese is a foreign and unknown language.

The songs are interesting for other reasons as well. Many of the key words in her songs are words that don’t translate directly or easily into English, but which are handy words to express things we would like to express. The first track, for example, is called, “Banzo,” a Portuguese term representing a feeling of missing something deeply. “Achou” means “you found it,” and the song is about achieving a successful romance. “The way you look at me improves my vision,” says “O seu olhar.”

The instrumentation is a different blend of cultural inclusions on every cut. Guitar, bass, body percussion and clay pot are followed by guitar, clarinet, percussion, cavaquinho [Portuguese cousin to the ukulele] and 7-string guitar. Brazilian percussion patangome, congas, djembe and cowbell grace a cut after guitars, percussion, effects and viola. One will not become bored while listening to this CD.

Very good for general enjoyment and film soundtracks, on which the label’s catalog is more and more often appearing.

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