Bold and Heterodox Flamenco

Proscritos DF - El don del exilio
Proscritos DF

El don del exilio (Producciones Baratuning, 2012)

Proscritos DF is a musical duo from Sevilla, Spain. The musicians behind the project are multi-instrumentalists Antonio Montiel and Raúl Cantizano. Although their music is based on flamenco genres and they use familiar sounds like flamenco guitar and cajón, Proscritos DF also employ a wide range of less common musical instruments found in flamenco: trumpet, zanfona (hurdy gurdy), fiddle, assorted percussion, loops, and fans.

The two musicians have been around for a long time and have accompanied well-known flamenco artists and dance troupes for several years. El don del exilio is their vision of a different type of music, applying different multitimbral sounds, improvisation, good humor, and creative freedom, to essential flamenco genres such as bulerías, soleares, seguiriyas, tientos and tanguillos.

“With this album we propose a personal vision of flamenco from a heterodox and bold perspective,” says the duo.

As other flamenco musicians have done before, Proscritos DF explore the musical connections between southern Spain’s flamenco and the music of India. On ‘Tatekietoya’ they use the Carnatic konakol vocal percussion and guest Juanma Rubio plays the Indian santur (also known as santoor) in other tracks.

El don del exilio is an audacious musical experimentation of flamenco and global musical forms.

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