Syria-born singer Saadi Releases Lights Up NY Video

Saadi - Photo by Alberto Milazzo
Syrian hip-hop/electro/dancehall singer Saadi has released a new single called “Lights Up NYC,” a collaboration with Sierra Leonian rapper Bajah (from Bajah + the Dry Eye Crew)

According to Saadi, “Lights Up NYC” deals with the relationship every artist has with the struggle to live and create in New York City. It was inspired by Pupa Bajah’s story of coming to New York with the Dry Eye Crew from Sierra Leone.

Bajah and Boshra Saadimet at an Antibalas show in Brooklyn, immediately went back to Saadi’s studio in the East Village and “Lights Up NYC” was born.

Boshra al Saadi was born in Syria, sojourned in suburban Pennsylvania for a spin in Catholic school, ventured to New York City’s Greenwich Village in her late teens with folksinger dreams, and cut her teeth as co-frontwoman for indie rock band Looker, before setting out on her own.

Saadi’s new material will all be released via Dither Down, a new label based in Brooklyn that was started up by Tim Wagner and Benny Lowe of 33Hz along with DJ Chicus of the reggae label, Redbud Records. The label is centered around their love of indie pop, disco, dub, 80s electro and house and it focuses on releases from up and coming New York artists.


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