No Son Without Cuban Rumba

Septeto Nacional

¡Sin Rumba No Hay Son! (World village 468105, 2010)

One of the great traditions in Cuban music are its long lasting bands. The Septeto Nacional Ignacio Piñeiro was founded by bassist, singer and composer Ignacio Piñeiro in 1927. Piñeiro died in in 1969 but his legacy continues. Many decades later, the band is still alive and well, with musicians who have taken the torch and continue to make excellent Cuban traditional music.

On their 2010 album, ¡Sin Rumba No Hay Son! the septet’s sound is characterized by the vocals, tres and trumpet solos and a captivating rhythm section. The current Septeto Nacional Ignacio Piñeiro is led by vocalist Eugenio Rodriguez Rodriguez (“Raspa”). The other band members are Francisco David Oropesa Fernández and Crispín Díaz Hernández (percussion), Enrique Collazo (tres), Dagoberto Sacerio Oliva (guitar), Agustín Someillán García (trumpet), and Raúl Acea Rivera (acoustic bass).

Unlike other Cuban bands who stick to standards, Septeto Nacional Ignacio Piñeiro combines Cuban classics by Ignacio Piñeiro and other essential composers with new material written by current band members Eugenio Rodriguez Rodriguez, guitarist Dagoberto Sacerio Oliva, and bongosero Francisco David Oropesa Fernández.

¡Sin Rumba No Hay Son! contains infectious rumbas, sones, guarachas and boleros. Several guests join the septet, including guest vocalists Bertha Portuondo and Emilio Moret and Los Rumberos de Cuba.
¡Sin Rumba No Hay Son! is Cuban roots music at its best, featuring a new generation of traditional music maestros.

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DVDs available: Son Es Lo Mas Sublime


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