Draska Along the Way

Draska - Along the Way
Draska – Along the Way

Along the Way (Drasta Records, 2008)

World music band Draska is based in Lisbon (Portugal). The band’s sound is based in West African traditions through the use of instruments such as ngoni, bala and calabash. At the same time, Draska has a laid back intimate attitude and lists singer-songwriter Ben Harper as an influence. The vocals are in English and Jula (West African language) with male/female duets and polyphonic vocal lines.

Draska was founded in the end of 2007 by Drasta (Daniel Raster) and his wife Kadidia Traoré. Band members include Drasta on ngoni, bala, vocals and percussion; Kadidia Traoré on vocals and African dance; Afonso Castanheira on double bass and Majo Coope on calabash and percussion.

Draska’s diverse debut album shows the great potential of a young band that blends ancient traditions of West African with Western urban poetry.

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