Swinging Brazil

Clube do Balanço

Swing & Samba Rock (MCD, 2005)

Brazilian ensemble Clube do Balanço describes their music as Swing & Samba Rock and swing it has. The band led by guitarist and vocalist Marco Mattoli  has garnered quite a following in Brazil and overseas with their refreshing blend of neo samba rock. Clube do Balanço pays tribute to the artists that revolutionized Brazilian music in the 1970s, such as early Jorge Ben (up to 77), Luiz Vagner, Bebeto, Roberto Carlos and Erasmo, Branca Di Neve, Marku Ribas, and Orlandivo.

Swing & Samba Rock, the band’s smokin’ first album is a combination of irresistible samba with jazz, rock and funk. The band is composed of Marco Mattoli (vocals & guitar), Edu Peixe (drums), Gringo (bass), Teresa Gama (vocals), Fred Prince (percussion), Guto Bocão (percussion), Marcelo Maita (keyboards), Tiquinho (trombone) and Reginaldo 16 Gomes (trumpet).


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