Rich Heritage

Gong Linna

Chinese Folk Songs (Arc Music, 2008)

Gong Linna, from Ghizou, is one of China’s best known singers. She won the Chinese National Singing Competition. From 1999 to 2005 she was a soloist with Zhongyang Minzu Yuetan, China’s renowned traditional music orchestra. in 2000 as best female singer, including the Special Audience Award. Her expressive and poetic vocal style combines Chinese music with contemporary traditions.

On her CD Chinese Folk Songs, Gong focuses on the traditional repertoire. She presents various regional styles, accompanied by   traditional Chinese instruments, such as dizi, xiao (flutes), yangqin (dulcimer), suona (oboe), sheng (mouth-blown organ) as well as Western violins, cellos and zither.

After winning the most prestigious singing contest in China, Gong Linna had an opportunity to travel throughout China. That exposed to folk music that was not taught in schools. "…it provided me with more opportunities to hear rural and local singing techniques. and becoming acquainted with the rich heritage of local traditions made me realize the  limitations of my own musical education." Since then, the song diva has discovered numerous "treasures" and she has incorporated many regional techniques to her vocal style.


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