Don’t Mess with the Ozo

Ozomatli  Don't Mess With The Dragon
Don’t Mess With The Dragon

Don’t Mess With The Dragon (Concord Music Group, 2007)

Los Angeles multicultural band Ozomatli has become one of the most exciting world music acts in the West Coast of the United States. Their hybrid style, with bilingual lyrics in English and Spanish, could land them perfectly in the mestizo music category that is so big in Spain and France. 

The group is very hard to categorize. There are rock elements, but there’s also a Mexican conjunto feel, specially when the group drifts into cumbias. Throughout the years Ozomatli has has the ability of absorbing new sounds and trends in international music. That’s how they have added Reggaetón to Don’t Mess With The Dragon.

In addition to great music, Ozomatli also has a deep social conscience. The lyrics talk about important social issues affecting the Los Angeles population, specially immigrants.

In an increasingly multicultural California, Ozomatli represents the future.

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