David Byrne Collaborates in Multiple Remixes of Edgy Forró

Forro in the Dark

Asa Branca (Nublu, 2007)

The unmistakable voice of David Byrne opens this 4-track EP, giving it a considerable pop sound. It seems like Forro in the Dark innovative concept of forró has made them into a popular act that attracts big names. Their previous collaboration was with the rising star of Brazilian music, Seu Jorge .

The recording is clearly directed to DJs and dance clubs. All the songs have a dance feel to them and there are three different versions of the same song, Asa Branca. The first version is the pop one. The second one is a retro sounding cowboy mix, which belongs to the neolounge fad. The third version is much edgier, featuring the electronics of Dublex Inc., and a jazz downtempo groove.

The remaining piece, "Kidon Kibom," is the best on the EP, together with the Dublex remix of Asa Branca. "Kidon Kibom" is a grooving electronica piece that builds up, with electronic beats combined with acoustic drumming, topped with repetitive vocals and brass. 

Get the recording from www.nublu.net.