Lautari Songs From a Bygone Age

Dona Dumitru Siminica

Sounds from a Bygone Age, Vol. 3

The third volume of the Sounds from a Bygone Age series is dedicated to Romanian singer Dona Dumitru Siminica. He was a singer with prodigious falsetto vocals who sang drinking songs, laments and love songs.

The pieces on the CD are some of the finest Romanian music you will find on CD. Siminica was revered by women and admired by Romanian non-Gypsies and Gypsies alike.

For the recording of the album, Siminica brought together some of the finest musicians, a Lautari dreamteam: Marin Marangros on cymbalom, the Bebe Brothers on accordion and Grigore Ciuciuc on bass.

What’s even more surprising about this CD is that it has been compiled from recordings Siminica made in the early 1960s. The quality is outstanding, much better than many rock and pop albums recorded in the 1970s.

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