Benjamin Escoriza -  Alevanta

Echoes of Radio Tarifa

Benjamin Escoriza -  Alevanta
Benjamin Escoriza – Alevanta
Benjamín Escoriza

Alevanta! (18 Chulos Records, 2006/Riverboat Records-World Music Network, 2007)

One of the most charismatic singers in the Spanish world music scene, Benjamín Escoriza, has released his first solo album. Benjamín Escoriza is better known as the lead singer and lyricist for Radio Tarifa, the popular world music band from Madrid. 

Alevanta! reunites the always inspired Escoriza with multi-instrumentalist and creative producer Juan Alberto Arteche, who produced and released Radio Tarifa‘s debut CD.

Alevanta! has less Moorish influence than Radio Tarifa, but, otherwise, the CD has a strong Radio Tarifa feel. Benjamín Escoriza combines his socially conscious lyrics with fiery Flamenco, groovin” Gypsy rumba, Medieval influences, Spanish folk and a variety of world beats.

Although it is still early in the year, this is one of the best world music CDs of 2007.

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