Masters of the World Groove

Trans-Global Underground

Impossible Broadcasting (Europe: Mule Satellite Records MUL01, 2004 / US: Triloka Records TRI-CD-82054, 2005)

The release of any new album by Trans-Global Underground is reason for
celebration. The finest world beat band in the planet takes its time to release
new recordings. The previous one,
Yes Boss Food Corner
, came out 4 years ago.
Impossible Broadcasting was well worth the wait.

On Impossible Broadcasting Trans-Global Underground continues its travels throughout the sounds
of the globe: bhangra, Bulgarian, Gypsy, classical Indian, reggae, hip hop,
electronic dance beats, and sound collages. Unlike other groups, who sample
other artists, Trans-Global Underground
collaborates with musicians from other cultures, inviting them to their
recording sessions. Some of the highlights in this album include Trio Bulgarka (Bulgaria), Malian
rap crew Tata Pound, Hungarian musician Ferenc Balogh (who participated in
previous recordings), and the spectacular sitar solos of Trans-Global’s Sheema

Impossible Broadcasting