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Two Siberians - Out of Nowhere
Two Siberians – Out of Nowhere
New York City, USA – Out of Nowhere (Heads Up International), the album electric guitarist Yuri Matveyev and electric violinist Artyom Yakushenko could be defined as Siberian world music. Both artists are virtuoso musicians and their sound is a hybrid of rock, Russian folk, Flamenco and jazz. Their artistic name is Two Siberians.

Out of Nowhere‘s 15 cuts include “Amoroso,” an atmospheric lullaby sung by bassist Richard Bona, and “Allergic to Gravity,” with tenor sax superstar Michael Brecker, percussionist Mino Cinelu and bassist Matt Garrison. Don Byron performs a clarinet solo on the folk original “Vodka Diaries.”Yuri Matveyev is the son of Russian folk dancers. Artyom Yakushenko is the son of Yevgeny Yakushenko, the “Father of Siberian Rock.” For the former classmates, it’s been a long, strange trip from Irkutsk, Siberia, a small town 150 miles north of Mongolia. Yakushenko was thrown out of a classical conservatory for winning a coveted prize at a major (non-classical) Russian music festival. As a child, Matveyev won honors in the Russian Folk Dancing National Competition-but he wanted to play guitar. As he could not afford a guitar, he busied himself building his own.

In 2000, the Two Siberians first visited the United states of America with no money and no place to live. They made a name for themselves playing on the streets. Jazz saxophonist Michael Brecker heard the Two Siberians and has became the most vigorous of their many champions.

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