A Kurdish Star

Sivan Perwer

Min Bêriya Te Kiriye (Daquí 332022, 2003)

Very few recordings of Kurdish music are widely available outside the Middle
East. This is one of those few. Kurdish musician Sivan Perwer, gifted with a powerful voice, is one of the
best known artists in the Kurdish music scene. He performs frequently in Europe. With the support of French
label Daquí and the Kurdish Institute of Paris, he recorded this album. Sivan Perwer fights for the rights of the Kurdish people. This makes him
persona non grata in countries like Turkey, Syria, and Iran. His music was
banned in Saddam Hussein’s Irak. But he is a star in the Kurdish-controlled zone
of Irak.

Musically, the sound of Perwer is a mixture of Kurdish folk and Arabic modes (maqams).
The instruments used by Perwer and his band are found in other Middle Eastern cultures: tanbur [aka tenbur], darbuka, qanun [also spelled kanun], and zurna.


Min Bêriya Te Kiriye