Orchestral Canarian Folk

Juan Carlos Martín

Guadá (Miltitrack Estudios, 2004)

Composer Juan Carlos Martín creates a rich mosaic of sounds inspired by the folk
music of the Canary Islands. Sometimes he utilizes a classical orchestra, or a
choir. Other times he uses a jazz ensemble with Latin beats, accompanying a
singer-songwriter. Traditional folk dances and melodies from the islands of
Tenerife and El Hierro, such as the seguidilla, folías, tango herreño and arroró
(lullaby), are transformed into chamber Latin jazz. One could find Paul Winter influences in the music of Juan Carlos Martín. This
wouldn’t be surprise as Winter has strong following in Spain.

In addition to jazz and classical musical instruments, Martín uses local
instruments such as the timple (a close cousin to the Portuguese cavaquinho and
the Hawaiian ukulele) and Canarian percussion.