Memorable Bossa Guitar Work

Chico Pinheiro

Meia-Noite Meio-Dia (Art Music/Sony Music 241-157, 2004)

Brazil is a country where it is not difficult to find exceptional guitarists.
Brazilian Chico Pinheiro is yet another name that needs to be added to the list.
On Meia-Noite Meio-Dia he plays fascinating instrumental and vocal pieces
with memorable guitar work and a long list of virtuoso musicians and singers:
Jacques Morelenbaum (cello), Fábio Torres (piano), Marcelo Mariano (bass), Edu
Ribeiro (drums), Armando Marcal (percussion), Swami Jr. (guitar), Proveta
(clarinet), Luciana Alves (vocals), Chico Cesar (vocals), Lenine (vocals), Maria
Rita Mariano (vocals), and Ed Motta (vocals) .”Contemplacao”opens the album, with beautiful solo guitar,
accompanied by strings. “Ao Vento” has a jazz samba feel, with a full ensemble
of drums, percussion, piano, bass, and vocals. “Meia-Noite Meio-Dia” has an
intimate sensibility. The bossa influenced “Aquela” features one of the heavy
weights of Brazilian popular music, Chico Cesar, on vocals.

“Desde o Primeiro Dia” is a passionate song with Maria Rita Mariano on vocals
and Jacques Morelenbaum on cello, while “Esa Cancao” is straight ahead jazz,
featuring Ed Motta on vocals.

Another Brazilian star, Lenine, sings on the fast paced “Buritizais,” a bossa
jazz tune. Singer Luciana Alves returns with a laid back song titled “Jardim de
Arroz,” which also features clarinet work by Proveta. Charismatic singer Chico
Cesar reappears on “Passagem,” a momentous song that features exquisite wind
arrangements. On “Na Beira do Rio” Chico Pinheiro plays masterful guitar solos.

“Popó” is another great bossa piece, with that wonderful cuica (friction
drum) sound characteristic of Brazilian bossa and carnival music. On “De frente”,
Pinheiro moves over to the seat of composer. It’s a piece that only features
piano and vocals. “Onde Estiver” brings back the bossa jazz ensemble. The album
ends with “Choro calado,” a delectable instrumental composition with two guitars
and strings.