David Calzado´s Music Tints Film of Cuban Atmosphere

(Prensa Latina)
Havana, Cuba – The music by Cuban bandleader David Calzado and his
Charanga Habanera grants the perfect Cuban atmosphere for the film starring
popular Mexican singer and actor Pablo Montero, to be screened here during the
26th New Latin American Film Festival.The debut of the Mexican singer as an actor, El soñador, fiction film by
Italian director Angelo Rizzo, tells the story of Hector, a child who dreams of
becoming a baseball champion and imagines the visits of famous late ball players
such as Martin Dihigo, Fermin Laffita, Jose Antonio Huelga and Santiago Mederos.

The cast for the film includes famous Cuban actors and actresses such as Enrique
Almirante, Hilario Peña, Diana Rosa Suarez, Armando Tomey, Elizabeth Rivero and
Liudmila Alonso.