The New Beats of Armenia

Arto Tunçboyaciyan

Love Is Not in Your Mind
(Heaven and Earth CD HE 19, 2005)

The album is a duo project with the dazzling pianist and
keyboardist of the Armenian Navy Band (Arto’s band) Vahagn Hayrapetyan.
Love Is Not in Your Mind
is not as experimental as Tunçboyaciyan’s new solo
album, Artostan, released simultaneously by German label Heaven
and Earth. It features Tunçboyaciyan’s engaging vocal style and fiery percussion
along with Hayrapetyan’s outstanding keyboard work. All songs on Love Is Not in Your Mind are never ending love
stories: “Welcome Boo Boo,” an exuberant joyful song for the birth of Arto’s
son Seto 19 years ago; or “New Flower,” a love affair with his new
instrument, the bular, built by the great Armenian instrument maker Armen Bilbulian
some years ago.
Many people confuse and misrepresent and misunderstand between love and
passion… What I know about love is that it means dedication, care,
respect, honesty, commitment, support, taking care and sacrific
e.”Love Is Not in Your Mind is
‘s very personal declaration of love, dedicated his mother.
“Taking care and sacrificing. That is what I have seen at my home and that
is my mama. I never see her sleep before me or wake up after me. A ways feeling
her love being there for you, making balance at home gives you great confidence
and positive power. I am proud to have mama like you, and also my wife and my
sister for being great mothers. When I lost my mother on May 17th 2003,1 was 46
years old. At that moment I realized that there is no age difference between a
mother’s and a child’s love