Little Axe Brings Champagne & Grits

Los Angeles, California, Wisconsin, USA – Champagne & Grits is Little Axe’s debut on Real
World Records. The 13-track offering is nothing short of extraordinary. Skip
McDonald’s bluesy guitar mixed with Adrian Sherwood’s dub-friendliness makes for
a strange sonic trip through the minds of forward-thinking musicians. As
Sherwood sees it, it’s “the belief that there is common ground in the music of
Captain Beefheart and Prince Far I, King Tubby and Jimi Hendrix.”

Axe’s frontman, Skip McDonald, has worked with many well known artists. McDonald
played lead guitar in the Sugarhill Gang’s house band, on classics like
“Rapper’s Delight” — as well as Grandmaster Flash’s “The Message”. 
Present-day Little Axe bandmates Doug Wimbish and Keith Le Blanc were there with
him through it all.If that
isn’t enough, Skip played the steel strings for Freddie Jackson, Will Downing,
Donna Summer, Living Colour, and Sinead O’Connor, among many others. But,
familiarity might come a bit more into focus when the late-80’s/early 90’s band
Tackhead is brought up.

Tackhead was comprised of Skip McDonald, Keith Le Blanc and Doug Wimbish with
the lending hand of producer Adrian Sherwood (Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Depeche
Mode, etc.). Now, the same line-up returns with friends — Ghetto Priest, Junior
Delgado, Chris Difford of Squeeze, longtime Stones tour-mate Bernard Fowler, and
Shara Nelson (Massive Attack) — to form the blues-infused Little Axe.

Champagne & Grits].

1. People Grinning In Your Face
2. Finger On The Trigger
3. Mean Things
4. The Way I See
5. Walk On Water
6. Go Away Devil
7. Say My Name
8. Take Me Back To The Country
9. All In The Same Boat
10. Living And Sleeping In A Dangerous Time
11. Will I Ever Get Back Home Again ?
12. Cloud
13. Run Sinners