Tuscan roots meet Flamenco, Bossa and Celtic sounds

Livio Guardi & Wilson Montuori

Diomede (independent, 2003)

This creative duo of Italian guitarists plays laid back evocative music which
includes influences from various Mediterranean lands. The beautiful songs that
feature vocals by Guardi shoe the Tuscan roots of the Italian group. But there
are also Spanish influences, with the use of handclapping percussion, which is
known as palmas in Spanish. There is even a bit of American folk, with the use
of harmonica and banjo, Brazilian bossa nova and a tribute to
and Django Reinhardt. The instrumentals are delightful and feature Guardi and Montuori playing 
variety of stringed instruments, including guitars, mandolin and bouzouki. The
bouzouki adds an Eastern Mediterranean feel to some of the pieces as a tribute
to the music of Greece and Turkey. The two multi-instrumentalists are
accompanied by bassist Andrea “Lupo” Lupi, percussionist Valerio Perla and
flautist Arcadio Barascchi.