US Denied Visa to Cuban Singer-songwriter Carlos Varela

(Prensa Latina – Cumbancha) Havana, Cuba – Cuban singer-songwriter Carlos Varela was not able to perform at the Gusman Center, Miami City, because the US government denied him the visa to enter the country. The prohibition to the artist aborted a series of shows in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Juan, Puerto Rico. “It is a pity that my fans in Miami as the audience in other US cities were deprived of their right to listen my work due to the decision of a couple of dinosaurs from the Department of State,” the artist said in statements for international press. The US organizers said they were “deeply saddened and outraged” and commented their government did not give then a reason for the decision of denying Varela and his musicians the visa. Becoming a usual practice, the US authorities are recently banning all Cuban musicians to enter the US territory.