Africando’s Martina” Due Out at the End of May

Africando - Martina
Africando – Martina
Paris, France – Africando have been around for some 10 years, on a quest to bring African music and its Diaspora together. They have already released 5 studio albums and one live and have performed a multitude of concerts. Now they present their new album Martina which will be available the 30th of May. The release date covers most countries worldwide but Next Music are currently looking for deals in Australia and South America.

The usual Africando suspects (Sekouba Bambino, Gnonnas Pedro, Amadou Balaké, Medoune Diallo and Ronnie Barro) can be found on the album along with guest artists Ismaël Lo, Shoubou, Sekka, Nyboma and Emenya. They will be playing on the 26th and 27th at the New Morning in Paris.