Portuguese Global Fusionistas Mu Touring Spain

Mu - Photo by Hugo Lima
Portuguese world music band Mu will be touring Spain in April 2001. The band from Oporto combines traditional Portuguese music with global sounds and musical instruments from India, Sweden, Greece, Egypt, Brazil, Morocco and Australia.

Band members include Osga on bulbul tarang, didgeridoo, jew’s harp, percussion; Dulce Cruz on accordion, dance; Helena Madeira on vocals, dance; Ferrer Leandro on guitar; Nuno Encarnação on congas, riq, darbuka, percussion; and Sérgio on cello, morharpa, bouzouki

Mu has two albums, Mundanças and Casanostra (Carlos Paredes 2009 award), have performed at the leading festivals in Portugal and have also performed abroad, in Spain and Eastern Europe.

Tour dates:

* April 1: Festival Folkarria, 23:00h (Torres de la Alameda, Madrid)
* April 2 and 3: Madrid (to be determined)
* April 5: Sala Clamores (Madrid), 21:30h
* April 15: Mieres. Auditorio Cajastur. 20:00h.

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