Classic Reggae Film Reggae in a Babylon Coming To DVD

Reggae in Babylon
Reggae in Babylon
Reggae in Babylon (1978) will be released on DVD in June 2009. Reggae in a Babylon is the acclaimed documentary by Wolfgang Buld that captured the birth of the British Reggae. This DVD includes several sensational songs.

In the late 1970’s the young, gifted and black generation of Thatcher’s Britain fused the Revolutionary zeal of Punk with their Rastafarian roots to create a new sound system that defined their struggle. Reggae was the savior in their modern ‘Babylon’ and this acclaimed film charts the birth of urban British Reggae.

German film maker Wolfgang Buld is known for his early work covering the Sex Pistols, Stranglers, the Clash, X-Ray Spex, Boomtown Rats, Adverts, Rough Trade, Killjoys, Jolt, Jam, Lurkers, Anonymous Chaos, Electric Chairs, Subway Sect, and more. On June 16, MVD Visual will release three of his early classics on DVD. In addition to Reggae in a Babylon, the  series includes Punk in London (1977) and Punk in England (1978).

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