MIDIval PunditZ Remixed EP

On MIDIval PunditZ Remixed, the New Delhi based duo’s music is taken to new dance-floor heights with a series of club friendly remixes by such producers as Son Kite, Audialize, Karsh Kale, Bandish Projekt, and many other talents. These nine mixes span the electronica spectrum of house, trance, breaks, and downtempo giving fans the club-energy experience with every listen.

The MIDIval PunditZ is the musical partnership of India’s Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj, who work as producers, remixers, and club impresarios as well as live artists. Their past two releases including MIDIval Times and their self-titled debut, Midival Punditz, continue to resonate in the Asian Massive scene and beyond. MIDIval PunditZ Remixed is available at sixdegreesrecords.com and all leading digital retail stores including iTunes and eMusic.

Since their Six Degrees Records debut, the MIDIval PunditZ—the first Indian electronica band to hit the international scene—has ushered in a new era of possibilities for the sound of 21st-century India. Their unique sound marries the soulful elegance of South Asia’s rich traditional and classical music heritage with the exuberance and limitless potential of modern Western electronic music.

1. Ali (Tapan’s Deep Blue Mix)
2. Night (Bandish Projekt Club Mix)
3. 136 (Jayant’s Breaks Mix)
4. Raanjhan (Jalebee Bass for Breakfast Mix) – FREE MP3
5. Kesaritya (Groovio’s This Thing Mix)
6. Dark Age (Audialize Super Psy-Remix)
7. Rannjhan (Son Kite Remix)
8. Dark Age (Karsh Kale Remix)
9. 136 (Guatam’s Downtempo Mix)

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