First Womex Conference Sessions Announced

Berlin, Germany –
Many of the WOMEX 2006 conference sessions have now been confirmed. As always,  the WOMEX jury tried to provide a balance of themes, concerns and
regions along with both general and more technical sessions. Their
task was made easy by the sheer quality of the proposals and the
expertise of those offering them.
This year WOMEX is putting a special emphasis on digital issues, both
theoretical and practical, in an effort to help delegates keep
informed in this fast-developing area of the industry. As well as a
new digital section in the prized WOMEX guide, the
following conferences will take place:MPEG-7: The New Route to World Music? Revolutionary ways to explore
and promote world music. Presented by Dagfinn Bach of Artspages,
 Digital Distribution of World Music P2P versus Private Copying; Open
DRM states and cultural diversity. Presented by Marc Benaïche of
Mondomix, France, and François Bensignor, head of Traditional & World
Music Information Center at IRMA.
Crossing Territorial Lines: International Music Discovery in the
Digital Marketplace. Presented by Kevin Arnold, US founder of the
Independent Online Distribution Alliance
 Learning to Love the Archive: Music archives in the digital age.
Presented by Johannes Theurer of Multikulti Radio/World Music Charts
Europe, Germany, with panel guests to be confirmed.
 Other conference sessions present the usual variety of subjects,
 Creation through Destruction: New Music Trends in China. Presented by
Udo Hoffmann, German resident of Beijing for 20-plus years.
 Travel with your Ears: Chamamé from Argentina. An interview with
artist Chango Spasiuk by Katerina Pavlakis, Greece/Germany/UK.
 Young Urban African Music: A misunderstood population. Presented by
Dennis Tapfuma, South Africa, and Trenton Birch, UK.
 Unlocking the International Potential of Columbian Indies. Presented
by Alexander Schischlik of UNESCO, with Jenny Adlington, UK, and
Humberto Moreno, MTM Records, Bogotá.
 Music from Serbia: What’s on Offer? Presented by Milica Simic, Radio
Belgrade 2 and TV.

Author: World Music Central News Department

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