Wa-Zimba, Keeping the spirit of Madagascar alive

San Francisco (California), USA –
Tinder Records releases French-Madagascar trio Wa-Zimba’s debut,

Mande Wazy
Based in France and founded by French jazz-fusion guitarist Philippe Robert,
French keyboard player Pierre Acourt and Malagasy bassist and vocalist Julio
Rakotonanahary, the trio creates a musical atmosphere of African polyphonic vocals and rhythms anchored to musical genres and instruments of the modern age.The trio is proud of all the tracks on their debut recording and prefer to
let the public decide which songs are favorites. So far, French rapper
Akhenaton has come on board after he was inspired by Wa-Zimba’s song Tsy
Mampaninona and on the rapper’s last album, Wa-Zimba contributed Vue de la
Cage, which they composed.

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