"Jasmine" By pianist Wajdi Cherif (A bridge between two worlds…)

Wajdi Cherif  - Jasmine
Wajdi Cherif – Jasmine
Jasmine – A bridge between two worlds… By Wajdi Cherif. Released on March 2, 2006 by Wech Records (France)

Jasmine is the culmination of a personal approach to composition and improvisation developed by pianist and composer Wajdi Cherif over many years.

Wajdi Cherif’s music is open not only to Arabic melodies of his early childhood, but also to the different trends of jazz and European classical music, which influenced his compositions deeply. All this resulted in the creation of a brand new jazz sound, a symbiosis of jazz and Arabic music and a personal approach to playing piano. “From jazz to oriental music, I try to explore all the possibilities with my instrument”, explains Wajdi Cherif.

On Jasmine, Wajdi Cherif explores new ways playing and composing Arabic music, charging it each time with unique atmospheres. Every composition of the CD is a scene or natural landscape (‘Falaises,’ which is the French word for cliffs, ‘Geranium Blues,’ ‘Jasmine,’ ‘Say something,’ ‘Pochade’…).

The instruments on “Jasmine” were chosen with great care, where the nostalgic and soft Ud sound meets the enchanting flute and saxophones of David Sauzay, the deep-rooted and percussive double bass lines of Yoni Zelnik, the powerful rhythmic support of drummer Mourad Benhammou and the expressive piano of Wajdi Cherif. All these elements added to the magical and enchanted moods of each composition create a rich music where space and silence are valued.


– ISC International Songwriting Competition 2005 (USA)
Indie Acoustic Awards (One on the best albums of 2005!) (USA)
D’autres Sons Songwriting Competition (Europe)

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