Masters of the Taranta Spider Dance

Tamburellisti Di Torrepaduli - Taranta Taranta
Tamburellisti di Torrepaduli

Taranta Taranta (Italian World Music, 2009)

Tamburellisti di Torrepaduli is one of the finest performers of the wild Taranta Music or spider dance also known as Pizzica. Taranta Taranta is their most recent recording and it presents the band at its best, with its engaging vocals, one of the finest tamburello (frame drum) percussion sections and accordion.

The band hails from Apulia, a region in Southern Italy. The tip of Apulia is the Salento peninsula, which forms the heel of the Italian boot. The band line-up includes the legendary Pierpaolo De Giorgi (voice, guitar), Rocco Luca (tamburello, percussion), Salvatore Crudo (tamburello), Salvatore Nuzzo (accordion, tamburello), Serena D’Amato (dancer) and Valentina Cariulo (violin).

Taranta Taranta is an excellent introduction to the mysterious musical world of the taranta.

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