Funky Funkadesi

Funkadesi -  Yo Baba
Funkadesi – Yo Baba

Yo Baba (independent release, 2008)

Multi-ethnic band Funkadesi is based in Chicago and it performs an explosive music of bhangra, spicy Afro-Latin beats such as merengue, Jamaican rapping and dub, groovy funk, Qawwali, blues and lots more. Funkadesi is the result of the increasingly multicultural spirit of Chicago, a city that has enthusiastically embraced world music   

United States Presidential candidate Barack Obama raves about the band “Funkadesi really knows how to get a crowd going. I can’t say enough how energizing this band is. There’s a lot of funk in that desi.” The popularity of the fiery group is increasing and the quality of their global music has attracted attention. Funkadesi recently won "Best World Music Group" from the readers of the Chicago Reader, making them 6-time Chicago Music Award winners.

Now it’s time for the rest of the world to discover what Chicago world music fans have been enjoying for some time.

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