Tracing the Aboriginal Songs’ Roots


O Rastro do Canto (Azul, 2008)

Brazilian band Ungambikkula embraces global culture and spirituality in its latest album, O Rastro do Canto. The large ensemble based in Sao Paulo includes masterful multi-instrumentalists an superb vocalists. Their beautifully crafted melodies are an inspiring mix of Afro-Brazilian, Australian Aboriginal, Indian mantras, rock and classical sounds. While some pieces are tranquil and thoughtful, other passages have an epic nature with build ups that recall the golden era of progressive rock.

The current line-up is: Ana Luiza Guedes on violin and vocals; Du Marciano on  drums and percussion; Érica Manfredini on  cello and percussion; Estela Luzon on bass, vocals, didjeridu and zither; Letícia Rodrigues on  keyboards and vocals; Pavitra Shakti Shankar on  vocals, lyrics, arrangements, tabla and didjeridu; Premanjoti Devi on  vocals, tambura, didjeridu and percussion; Saraswati Dassi on  vocals, cajón and guitar; and Vinadhara Vassuprem on  guitar, sitar, cajón, jembe, vocals and arrangements.


As part of its philosophy  Ungambikkula donates part of the income gotten from concerts and CD sales to Brazilian social entities.