Neilos’ Transumanza Evolution

Neilos - Transumanza
Neilos – Transumanza

Transumanza (Altrosud/Megasound, 2008)

The word transumanza means transhumance, which is the ancient human tradition of moving livestock from mountains to the coast, back and forth every year, according to the seasons.  In that regards Neilos pays respect to the tradition of shepherd songs. Even though the roots of Neilos music are based in Italian traditions of the south, such as Calabria and the influences include Italian as well as Greek and Byzantine music, the band combines folk roots with cutting edge global electronica, such as bass lines and samples.

The pieces have a cathartic nature, where ancient dances, frame drums, accordions and bagpipes are combined with the latest synthesizers and other electronic devices. Neilos is a magical  and passionate musical collective that sometimes totals 15 musicians on stage.

Neilos is currently touring Itally and will be playing in Coritiba, Brazil in September 2008.

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