Lucky Dube

Arrests Made in Lucky Dube Murder

Lucky Dube
Lucky Dube
South African police have arrested five men in connection with the last Thursday murder of reggae star Lucky Dube. The Sunday morning arrests took place on the East Strand in Spruitview, east of Johannesburg. Early reports suggest the suspects, all between 31 and 35, might be from Mozambique.
 The suspects, of what is thought to be a failed carjacking attempt, allegedly shot the 43 year-old Lucky Dube as he was dropping off his two teen sons at his brother’s house in Rosettenville. According accounts, Dube was shot three times before the killers got away.According to Superintendent Eugene Opperman, only four of the suspects that can be directly linked to Mr. Dube’s killing will be brought before the Johannesburg Magistrate Court to face charges of murder, attempted murder and possession of firearms and ammunition. The fifth suspect arrested with the others will be brought before the Katlehong’s magistrate court to face charges of possession of stolen property.

Along with the suspects, the police netted 2 stolen handguns, a Volkswagen Polo and three other stolen vehicles.

Lucky Dube‘s family has requested that the reggae star’s funeral be a private event, according to Arnold Mabunda, the family’s spokesperson. In order to avoid a circus atmosphere, the media will be prohibited from the Sunday services at Farmers’ Hall in Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal to accommodate Mr. Dube’s and the family’s religious wishes.

A Wednesday memorial service will held at the Bassline in Newton.