Keola Beamer Goes Classical

Keola Beamer – Ka Hikina O Ka Hau
Keola Beamer

Ka Hikina O Ka Hau (The Coming of the Snow) (Dancing Cat, 2007)

Guitarists or everyday guitar junkies might want to take a listen to Keola Beamer’s "Ka Hikina O Ka Hau" (The Coming of the Snow) CD. This gem of a CD is a feast of classical selections composed by such greats as Satie, Ravel, Stravinsky, Piazzolla and Mendelssohn, among others. It also features "Poli`ahu (The Mauna Kea Snow Goddess) composed by Mr. Beamer and his classic version of "The Little Dummer Boy."

If it’s the traditional Hawaiian slack key guitar you’re looking for you might want to pass, but Keola Beamer‘s masterful elegance and expert layering should be all the draw you need. 

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