Carla’s Vocal Artistry

Carla Hassett

Quero Saber (Paulista Records, 2006)

Brazil seems to have an endless supply of great musicians. Carla Rigolin Hassett is yet another name to add to the list. Her latest CD, titled Quero Saber (I Want to know), has an excellent collection of contemporary Brazilian songs.

Carla composes a lot of her material and likes to experiment with her vocals, using overdubs and a wide range of effects. She also like cool electronics. In addition to guitar, Carla plays keyboards and programs electronic sounds. And she also features electric violin wizard Jerry Goodman, who plays a terrific solo.

Quero Saber combines MPB, hip hop, Brazilian folk, jazz, the ubiquitous reggaetón and contemporary bossa nova. When singing in English, Carla Hassett sounds surprisingly similar to Flora Purim, although her use of vocal effects gives a very current sound.

Carla Hassett may not have the support of major labels or large indies, but she has proven to be an important artist in Brazilian contemporary music.

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