A Master of the Slide Guitar

Lee Roy Parnell - Back to the Well
Lee Roy Parnell – Back to the Well

Lee Roy Parnell

Back to the Well (Universal South, 2006)

I’m not too thrilled about the music coming out of the major record labels in Nashville. The majority of the recent productions focus on standardized country pop, with very few roots element left. So I was surprised when I received an album by slide guitarist Lee Roy Parnell on Universal South Records. The album, Back to the Well, combines country, blues, rock and jazz, with a feel, at times, similar to the legendary Allman Brothers Band.

Parnell is an excellent guitarist. He has an enviable technique with the slide guitar, but he also proves his skill with other guitar techniques.

Most of the songs follow the short radio friendly format. Despite the limitations, Parnell manages to squeeze in formidable chops and solos. The closing piece, an excellent bluesy jam instrumental, is by far the best track on the album.

An exclusive media player was developed that features Lee Roy in depth .The
viawerkmedia.com/lrp media player includes Lee Roy reflecting on the Blues music that influenced him, his thoughts about making the new album and a helpful lesson in playing the slide guitar. In addition, a bonus clip of Back to the Well live is also available.

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