Mulatta World Sesions, Manding Jamming

Mandeng Eletrik

Mulatta World Sesions Vol. 1 (Mulatta Records MW001)

Mulatta World Sesions Vol. 1 is the result of a fabulous jam that took
place in New York City at the end of 1999. The sessions included traditional
Manding group WOFA (Guinea) and several New York-based musicians, including Will
Calhoun (Living Colour), Damon Banks, Bill Ware, Sasha Crnobrnja, and several
African musicians living in the region.The album brings together Manding vocals and traditional acoustic instruments
-such as the bala, jembe and flutes- with Western harmonica, violin and
electronic keyboards.

Mulatta World Sesions Vol. 1 features infectious electronic grooves,
along with spectacular jembe and flute solos. There are also duals between two
instruments that are closely related, the Manding bala (also known as balaphone)
and the vibraphone. A rare and superb combination.

You can find more about Mandeng Eletrik by reading the group’s biography


Mandeng Eletrik