Silvio Rodriguez Pays Tribute to Frank Fernandez

(Prensa Latina – Cumbancha) Havana.- With his usual serious face, head bowed and eloquent on his guitar, Silvio Rodriguez, considered the leading representative of Cuban Trova, paid tribute to famous Cuban pianist Frank Fernandez (1944-) with his music. The packed audience at Havana’s 5,000-seat Karl Marx Theater welcomed the author of Ojala and Unicornio with an ovation. It is said that Silvio worships friendship, and he wished a happy birthday to Fernandez, the eminent Cuban maestro, on his 60th birthday and 45th anniversary of his brilliant career. Rodriguez´ set included Playa Giron, a classic for those who saw him play it for the first time, along with Pablo Milanés and Noel Nicola, in the 60s when he finished his Military Service.The singer-songwriter, an important figure of Latin American poetry and music, sang what he felt like, took his time tuning his guitar, and continued until he abandoned the hall, followed by a roaring ovation. Many sighed in relief, because Silvio Rodriguez, an artist who of late has renounced live performances, since he does not “find any special incentive in them,” once again paid tribute to friendship. Santiago Feliu followed Rodriguez reeling off his music of heavy guitars and excellent lyrics, accompanied by two of his “mates” of guitar. Later came tres player Pancho Amat and his Cabildo Son. Amat, along with Papi Oviedo Jr., is one of the top representatives of contemporary Tres, the most emblematic instrument of Son, formerly ennobled by Arsenio Rodriguez, Chito Latamblet and Oviedo Sr. Former member of Manguare, Amat’s rhythm, excellent voice, and great solos made the audience dance. Adalberto Alvarez, worldwide known as the Knight of Son, concluded the tribute to Frank Fernandez with his elegant Cuban music.