Genetically Modified Italian Folk Music

Folk Geneticamente Modificato
Folk Geneticamente Modificato
Viterbo, Italy – Stampa Alternativa has published a book titled Folk Geneticamente Modificato, (genetically Modified Folk) which focuses on the contemporary Italian folk music scene. The author is Luca Ferrari, who spent two years doing the research.

The book includes a resources area with listings of record labels, distributors, booking agents, magazines and radio shows.  There is also an accompanying CD, which features some of the most important new talent in Italy: Riccardo Tesi, Daniele Sepe, Baraban, Uaragniaun, Alberto Cesa, Fiamma Fumana, B.E.V., La Macina, Destrani Taraf, Sancto Ianne, and Antonello Paliotti Trio.

Luca Ferrari is the author of numerous books about rock musicians, such as Nick Drake, Syd Barrett, Tim Buckley, Captain Beefheart. He is also a writer for Folk Bullettin, the main publication about Italian traditional music.

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