Manteca Releases Global Hip Hop

London, England – British label Manteca, specialized in world music compilations, has released Global Hip Hop – beats & rhymes, the nu world culture (MANTCD048). The artists featured are: Delinquent Habits, Positive Black Soul, Sultan Tunç, Daara J, Câmbio Negro, Sonido Acido, JJC & 419 Squad, Sona Family, Clotaire K, Yéli Fuzzo, Zombo, 113 – Voix Du Mali feat. Oumou Sangaré, X Plastaz, Sadahzinia.

Hip Hop is one of the most popular music styles in the world today. As producer Phil Meadley writes on the liner notes: “Although hip-hop can be seen as the quintessential voice of black America alongside soul and R&B, its appeal outside of the U.S. is as far reaching as the earth is round. No other style of modern music has crossed so many cultural and geographical boundaries.”
The album was compiled by Phil Meadley, a journalist, DJ and cross-cultural collusionist. He currently writes for The Independent newspaper, in Great Britain.

Other recent hip hop compilations include The Rough Guide to African Rap and Spanish rap compilation Esto es hip hop on the Boa label.