Musical Instrument Glossary Z

Zaabia – A small gourd rattle of the Dagomba people. Ghana.

Zambomba – Ancient friction drum made out of clay or wood, used in Christmas songs. Also known as pandorga. Spain.

Zampogna – Neapolitan bagpipe with 2 drones and 2 conical chanters. Italy.

Zampoña – Andean pan flute. Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador.

Zampoña by Ramos
Zampoña by Ramos

Zanfona – Hurdy gurdy. It is also known as zanfonía and zanfoña. Spain.

Zapateado – Tapping or foot stomping used in Spanish Flamenco and Mexican dancing.

Zarb – Goblet drum made out of wood, used in Persian classical music. Also known as tonbak and dumbek.

Zhaleika – A wind instrument with a single reed made out of cow horn or wood. Russia.

Zheng – The zheng is a Chinese zither with 21 strings. It is one of the most popular instruments in China. Its tuning is basically pentatonic. Bending notes by pressing the open end of strings is one of the main sound features of this great instrument.

Zheng Musicians incliude Guzheng Ensemble of Montreal Canada), Hong Ting (China), Liu Yu (China), Mei Han (China/Canada), Orchid Ensemble (Canada), Randy Raine-Reusch (Canada), San Chuan (China), Sang Ka (China). and Wang Yao (China). Also known as gu zheng.

Sources: Kuku Music, World Music Central

concert zheng by Sound of China
concert zheng by Sound of China

Zhonghu – A 2-string bowed lute. China.

Zília – Iron or wood finger cymbals. Greece.

Zirbaghali – A goblet-shaped drum with a single head. Afghanistan.

Zither – The family name of all plucked or strummed instruments that have strings stretched across a wooden sounding board box.

Zongore – A guitar played vertically. Romania.

Zumari – a horn instrument from Zanzibar carved out of wood. Tanzania.

Zumbadora – A buzzer. A small thin piece of wood tied to a rope, which is shaken in the air. Used in Spanish carnival celebrations. Also known as zumbadera.

Zummarah – A double reed pipe. Egypt.

Zurna – A shawm from the Balkans, Turkey and Central Asia. Also known as sorna.

Turkish Zurna by Ali Riza Acar
Turkish Zurna by Ali Riza Acar

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