Manu Chao Releases La Colifata Benefit Project

Radio La Colifata
Radio La Colifata
Manu Chao announced the release of the “La Colifata” benefit project. La Colifata is a unique Buenos Aires-based radio station, broadcast from a psychiatric hospital. “La Colifata is quite a special station as it is broadcast from a psychiatric hospital," says Manu Chao. "With the help of a few friends, the patients decided to launch this radio station to express themselves. To relieve everything they have inside, and to speak to the world…While I met them five or six years ago, the station has been running this way for more than 15 years. I simply could not believe it when I read their stories.”

Manu Chao has been working with La Colifata for five years and recently produced an album recorded by the station’s members. The hospital’s residents, “Los Colifatos,” also appeared in Emir Kusturiça’s music video for Manu Chao’s track “Rainin’ In Paradize.”

Manu Chao and La Colifata launched the website in order to help the station and hospital with their unique approach. Fans can purchase the album with a “pay what you want” donation.

La Colifata was created in 1991 as a unique establishment that uses media (radio/TV) as therapeutic treatment, somewhere between clinical and social treatment. It is a resource between the clinical and external worlds that allows Los Colifatos to recreate the social link with people living outside the hospital.

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