Tango Siempre’s Nocturno

Tango Siempre

Nocturno (ARC Music, 2003)

Tango Siempre’s Nocturno, found on ARC Music, is ripe with all the sharp twists and turns and gentle caresses of the tango itself. Lush and sexy, Nocturno is the musical incantation of Pete Rosser on accordion/bandoneón, Ros Stephen on violin, Kylie Davies on double bass and Johnathan Taylor on piano. These four musicians extract the juice from every piece on this enchanting CD.

Tango fans are sure to enjoy “Silueta Porteña,” “Nocturno Tango” and “Invierno Porteña.” The classical and contemporary study of these fine musicians shines through on such pieces as “La Ultima Curda” and “Basslineloss.” “Pa’que Te Oigan, Bandoneon” speaks of the virtuosity and power of their extraordinary musicianship.

Tango Siempre’s Nocturno penetrates the soul and calls out the inner dancer.


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