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A Memorable Meeting of Ladino and Chamber Music

Fifth House Ensemble and Baladino – Nedudim (Cedille Records, 2016)

Two outstanding ensembles representing diverse musical traditions collaborate on Nedudim. Fifth House Ensemble is an innovative American chamber music ensemble based in Chicago while Israeli group Baladino specializes in music from the Mediterranean and sounds from other parts of the world.

On Nedudim (wanderings in Hebrew), the two ensembles have selected a mix of traditional Ladino songs and original pieces by Fifth House Ensemble composer Dan Visconti, Baladino’s Thomas Moked Blum, Robert Beaser and Kenneth Benshoof. This meeting of minds combines contemporary classical, pop, European, North African, Middle Eastern and Indian influences.

Throughout Nedudim, Fifth House Ensemble and Baladino use a mix of classical musical instruments and instruments from various parts of the globe: Middle Eastern oud, shofar (ram’s horn) and ney; Armenian duduk, Bulgarian kaval, Australian didgeridoo, and Indian bansuri.

Fifth House Ensemble includes Melissa Snoza on flute; Grace Hong on oboe; Jennifer Woodrum on clarinet; Eric Heidbreder on bassoon; Valerie Whitney on horn; Charlene Kluegel on violin; Clark Carruth on viola; Herine Coetzee Koschak on cello; Eric Snoza on bass; Katherine Petersen on piano; Dan Visconti, composer.

Baladino’s lineup: Yonnie Dror on ney, shofar, bansuri, kaval, soprano saxophone, clarinet, didgeridoo; Thomas Moked Blum on oud; Yael Badash on vocals; Daniel Sapir on double bass; and Yshai Afterman on percussion.

Nedudim is an impeccable album with an extraordinary array of songs from Spain’s Jewish diaspora and the best of contemporary chamber music.

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Pavel Urkiza and La Ruta de las Almas Band to Perform at Global Cuba Fest 2016 in Miami

Pavel Urkiza
Pavel Urkiza

Pavel Urkiza and La Ruta De Las Almas Band are set to perform on Saturday, March 12th at the Miami-Dade County Auditorium on 2901 W Flagler St., Miami, FL 33135.

Pavel Urkiza is a composer, guitarist and singer of Cuban origin who is considered a maestro of Afro-Cuban music. For many years he toured with the duo Gema y Pavel. With his latest project, “La Ruta de las Almas”, his sensibility for fusing world music styles reaches new heights. Mixing Sephardic, Spanish and Latin American sounds, the effect is lyrical and transports us on a voyage of sensations.

He will share a stage with Israeli and Latin American musicians, as well as recognized Spanish artists: Eliseo Parra, África Gallego and Javier Ruibal. La Ruta de las Almas is the tangible acoustic manifestation of a documentary project filmed by Urkiza.