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Deepak Ram – Beauty in Diversity

San Francisco, USA – Golden Horn Records has released the new album by masterful musician Deepak
Ram. This is the follow-up to his previous release with Golden Horn, Prasad –

Those who enjoyed Prasad find the same brilliant musicianship and artistic
passion of the versatile Ram in an entirely new direction. He brings the
elegance of tradition into the new realm of acoustic fusion.Deepak Ram is a highly gifted musician with a firm foundation in the traditions
of North Indian classical music. He plays the bansuri, a bamboo flute whose
origins date several housand years back into India’s rich past.

Deepak Ram is joined on this recording by Ian Herman on drums and percussion. He 
is best known for his work with South African band Tananas. 

Ram and Herman are joined by bassist Dan Robbins. Though young, Robbins is
already renowned for his harmonically and melodically rich bass work.

Critically acclaimed vocalist Sujata Ghanekar adds her melodious voice and
elegant technique to the ensemble. Ghanekar has been studying Indian clasical
music since age six. She is also a composer and lyricist who has performed
throughout the world.

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