Egyptian Percussion Master Hossam Ramzy Dies at 65

Hossam Ramzy

ARC Music announced today that Egyptian percussionist and composer Hossam Ramzy passed away on Tuesday, September 10th September 2019. He was 65. Hossam was undergoing treatment for a heart condition in Brazil, though the condition was very advanced.

Known as Egypt’s Ambassador of Rhythm, Hossam succeeded in injecting Egyptian rhythms into multiple projects. Hossam Ramzy worked with Jimmy Page & Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin), Shakira, Ricky Martin and A.R. Rahman, appeared on recordings by Peter Gabriel and Jay-Z, and composed music for numerous films.

Throughout the last three decades, Hossam traveled the world, educating in the art of true Egyptian dance. His concepts of dance and rhythm helped tens-of-thousands of dancers and percussionists perfect their techniques. During this time, he also found the time to release over thirty albums of Egyptian dance and world music, and produce countless more for artists from all around the world.

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4 thoughts on “Egyptian Percussion Master Hossam Ramzy Dies at 65”

  1. He was a wonderful musician and Im so glad I was able to participate in a workshop with him. I learned a lot about the history and rhythms of the tabla.

  2. Very sad to hear this. He did so much to bring Egyptian and Middle Eastern music and percussion to prominence in the UK and elsewhere. A warm and charismatic man who made a unique contribution to music throughout his adult life – and worked hard to achieve this.

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