Eliane Elias Celebrates the Different Sides of Love

Eliane Elias – Love Stories

Eliane Elias – Love Stories (Concord Jazz, 2019)

Brazilian pianist, vocalist and composer focuses on songs of affection on her new album, Love Stories. This time, she sings entirely in English and is joined by a lush orchestra. Love Stories include three original songs and seven classics from bossa nova’s heyday, bringing in songs made popular by Frank Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim.

Love Stories is delicately-crafted and easy to listen, very appealing to fans of smooth jazz with a Brazilian flavor. Eliane’s piano and voice engages in fascinating interplay with the orchestra. She says: “From the first note that’s chosen, every color I create in the arrangements, the modulations, the choice of keys, the small group arranging, the possibilities for orchestra – it’s as deep into my personal taste as it can go…because I’m envisioning the arrangement; deciding how to convey the song and perform it with the band, and being mindful of the future orchestrations all at once.”

The musicians involved in Love Stories include Marcus Texiera on guitar; Edu Ribeiro, Rafael Barata and Celso Almeida on drums; co-producer Marc Johnson on bass; co-producer Steve Rodby on bass; and arranger Rob Mathes.

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Author: Angel Romero

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